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Award Winning Clinical Trail Supplier

We’re ranked among the top 10 suppliers in the world because we manage that supply in a way that ensures the right equipment gets to the right site at the right time. Our offices in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Australia and the USA administer a network of local suppliers that delivers all the materials a CRO needs.

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Why Choose Us?

Experts in Clinical Trial Supply

At MedFlow, we understand the requirements of leading Contract Research Organisations engaged in testing new treatments. Clinical trials cost millions, so it’s essential that the equipment used is delivered correctly and promptly.

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Why Medflow

Delivering Excellence Since 2019

MedFlow was founded in 2019, a few months before the world was shaken by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. One of our first tasks saw us closely involved in the vaccine trials that led to the incredibly quick development of a medical response to Covid-19.

We supplied kitting to the organisations involved in the testing process in the Netherlands, which successfully created the AstraZeneca version of the vaccine. In the years since, our reach has grown along with our reputation for supplying equipment wherever it is needed in the world.

Single Vendor Approval
Single Vendor Approval

Once you approve medflow as a supplier, we can provide you with access to hundreds of suppliers and millions of products.

Single Outsourced Supplier
Single Outsourced Supplier

You no longer have to manage multiple vendors for multiple products and services.

Maximise Buying Power
Maximise Buying Power

Medflow have established relationships and preferential pricing. These savings are passed to you.

Single Outsourced Supplier
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Why Local Procurement Matters

The longer your supply chain, the greater the potential for hold-ups that impact directly on the smooth running of your clinical trial. We have developed a network of suppliers who can get the right equipment to a trial site without having to cross borders, language barriers or time zones. This is particularly important when you consider the nature of clinical trials. These are ongoing processes that have different requirements at different stages in terms of optimal equipment, storage and maintenance. So, for instance, if you need a minus-80 freezer in Japan, we will source it in Japan and have the freezer calibrated and maintained locally too.

Medical Expertise Makes a Difference

One reason why MedFlow stands out from the supplying crowd is that our multi-faceted team also includes people with specialist medical expertise. We don’t just operate an efficient supply chain infrastructure – we can ensure that what that system delivers is precisely right for your CRO. Our medical experts can check the details of an order and make sure the different components of the package requested are right for the job. That saves the money and time that would be lost further down the line if the kit supplied didn’t work correctly. This is a unique feature of MedFlow’s approach, and one our clients deeply appreciate.

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Chris Smith
Chris SmithManaging Director
Stacey Ibbott
Stacey IbbottDirector
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Paul KennedyHead of Corporate and Major Accounts
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Jay MatthewsOperations and Commercial Manager
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Evaldas PilkauskasProject Manager
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Iana BezrodnykhProject Manager
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Chelcee HodgettsProject Administrator / Warehouse Manager
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Jo MBookkeeper and HR Assistant
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Megan KennedyVirtual Assistant
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