Clinical trials require a substantial amount of equipment to deliver the results a Contract Research Organisation needs. What happens to all that gear once the study is completed?

We are acutely aware of how important sustainability is to companies in the medical sector and throughout their supply chain. MedFlow is proud to play its part in the responsible disposal of the equipment we supply to CROs. MedFlow is committed to behaving responsibly, and has a strong focus on sustainability. Whatever a CRO wants to do with all its equipment, we can oblige by disposing of everything in an environmentally friendly way.

Sustainable Disposal

Most CROs request that the equipment is destroyed, either because there is a risk of contamination or because they fear the commercially sensitive information delivered by the trial in question might leak to rivals. In those circumstances, we dispose of the materials responsibly – and obtain a certificate to prove that.


Increasingly, however, major pharmaceutical companies would rather donate their equipment, if appropriate. We can arrange this and find a suitable home for the kit in question, which is in many cases almost as good as new.

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