As well as our core activity of supplying equipment for clinical trials, MedFlow also offers a kitting service. We can deliver kits for use in a host of medical contexts. For instance, we carried out kitting services for the Covid-19 vaccine testing that took place in the Netherlands. The kits in question included gowns, slippers, face masks and gloves for use by clinical staff during the trials. We have also supplied medical kits for a charity helping people in hard-pressed areas of Ukraine.

Kits Compiled For Specific Purpose

The kits we supply are entirely bespoke, and contain equipment and materials that are required in a particular context. Medical kits may include scissors, bandages, antiseptic creams and medical clothing – whatever the situation in question needs.

Kits to Support all Clinical Trial Needs

Some patients in clinical trials have needed toothbrushes and toothpastes. We are happy to supply them, because our kits can help either participants in studies or the staff overseeing them. Our expert staff will compile the list of items required so that our network of local suppliers can put together a kit including exactly what our customer needs.

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