Ancillary Supplies

As well as the equipment needed to carry out a successful clinical trial, Contract Research Organisations also require a substantial range of items to assist in the deployment and use of that equipment. Our ancillary supplies benefit from the same streamlined supply chain that is a by-product of using local sources of specialised equipment. These items complement the main clinical study items and ensure a reliable set of results, as well as an optimal patient experience.

All The Items Required To Ensure a Test Goes Smoothly

Our list of ancillary supplies includes furniture such as cabinets. You will also find blood analysers and IV infusion sets. And we offer an enormous range of gloves, needles, syringes and vials – which means you can be sure of receiving the right ones for your trial.

Simplifying Sourcing

The days of complex supply chains using multiple suppliers are over. By using MedFlow, organisers of clinical trials can savour the knowledge that every piece of equipment is coming from a single source – without worrying about borders, tax duties, language barriers or varying time zones.

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